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Studio Hemisphere by Paul Vallee Johnson

My passion

Studio Hemisphere

Hello, I am Paul Vallee Johnson, a visual artist hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona. Studio Hemisphere is a collection of my creations and symbolizes my passion for abstract art, creativity, and my life. My art takes expression in both painting and sculpting. My paintings are all about using vibrant primary colors juxtaposed on the canvas in intriguing patterns that tell a story of my life and the challenges I faced.  

My inspiration

Studio Hemisphere

The brain injury I sustained at an age of 16 created a seizure disorder that upended my life in many ways, but it also released a passion for art. In 2001, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, while struggling with my seizure disorder, and I have been painting ever since. My paintings and sculptures are an avenue to what I see through my altered, but nonetheless, inspired brain. 

Expressing myself through abstract art

Studio Hemisphere

Inspired by the challenges I have faced throughout my life as an artist, and someone with a brain injury, my art is an expression of my spirit and optimism. My paintings and sculptures depict contemporary fine art in the form of patterns, textures and vibrant colors. I feel that every day of our life is worth cherishing and treasuring, and that’s what I intend to convey with my work.

Studio Hemisphere will give you a closer look at my art and creations.

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